H E L L O.

We are Cam + Ali. We believe that "here" is not only temporary (spiritually), but fluid (physically). With that being said, we decided that our "first house" would be one on wheels - so in October 2016 we bought + moved into our RV.

It's not about the stuff (or lack thereof). It's not even about the adventure. For us, this lifestyle is about all the eternal souls we have already+ have yet to come in contact with. It's a journey of relationships.

Sojourn along with us.

S H A M E L E S S | P L U G

Make sure you jump on over to our YouTube channel to get the latest on our sojourning. We are working hard to create content that is not only an asset to our home-video collection but also provide you with information + entertainment that glorifies father + places you in the passenger seat to our mishaps + victories.